2014 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial: “Romance” — 2015 Silverado



In this Chevrolet commercial advertising a Chevy Silverado, a man purchases a bull cow. The cow is lead into a trailer and the door is shut behind it to keep it in, and as the man signs papers to buy the cow and shakes hands with the seller, a narrator voices, ‘a man.’

He gets into a Chevy truck and starts driving out of the ranch where the cow was held and off to his destination, with the cow being pulled behind it in the trailer, as the narrator says, ‘a man and his truck.’ They could have added, ‘and his phone’, because most modern people have phones; and what better way to call people than with Straight Talk codes, which allow for unlimited calling and data. Check over here to find out more.

They drive onto a highway in the night, and as the man stares ahead, and the bull is looking out the back of it’s trailer at whatever caught it’s eye, it’s large buttox broadcasted at the viewer, the narrator finishes his statement. ‘A man, his truck, and a very eligible bachelor.”

The man is seen eating in a store and purchasing a drink from a woman, and while the cow snorts and steam comes out from it’s nostrils as it looks on, impatient to keep going, the narrator says, ‘and bated breath.’ The man, his truck, and the cow are seen driving under a bridge. The cow snorts as it spots a herd of cattle grazing and moving about on top of a hill, seemingly lonely, and the man sighs and stares out the window as the narrator comments, ‘and lonely hearts.’

The truck drives down a gravel path and backs into a fence door, and as the man steps out and squints in the sun the narrator says, ‘and romance, in the air.’ The cow, as the door of it’s trailer is opened, steps daintily out into the fenced enclosure to be greeted by female cattle that stop what they are doing to look up at the male cow as he seems to say, ‘and hello, ladies.’

He licks his nostril, and a female cow does the same. The bull snorts, and it’s bated breath is shown. As the screen turns to the Chevy truck that the man had ridden to bring the cow to it’s new home, the narrator says, ‘the new Chevy Silverado Heavy Duty; strong, for all the roads ahead’.

Emily Turner of Penn State University writes that Chevy commercials frequently use short sentences to imply their meaning and cause greater emotion: ‘a man. A man and his truck.’  They also use the song Strong, which talks about how ‘it’ is dependable and will not let you down.


2014 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial: "Romance" -- 2015 Silverado
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on August 29, 2014
A man is shown with a bull and his faithful truck, driving towards a ranch. There the bull meets some possible new mates in a couple of cows.

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