Good commercials enable people to remember the advertiser's product or service.

Good commercials enable people to remember the advertiser’s product or service.

Business Ideas Videos explores the vast world of video commercials that have entertained and informed. We analyze a commercial’s effectiveness as to whether the viewer will remember the product/service or forget who the advertiser is. We look at the elements in the video and how it incorporates the product/service.

Advertisers want a commercial that connects the video with the product and not just entertain the viewer. The worst thing that can happen to a commercial is that the viewer remembers the video but forgets who the advertiser was or what product/service was featured.

Sometimes, the director will forget the product/service and concentrate on the acting, dialogue or set. Or, viewers will enjoy the special effects so much that they forget about the product/service.

The product/service is a character in the storyline. It is supposed to be the most important one. A good commercial will make sure that is the case.

For example, Republic Wireless has put out a stream of YouTube videos detailing the benefits of the phones and plans. Click here to find out more about this new technology that has become extremely popular in a short amount of time.

Video is the medium by which we communicate with others today. We have a limited circle of friends and family in our immediately circle but after that, we watch and consume video constantly. From YouTube to Skype to television, people have an endless fascination with video because it most closely approximates life. More so than radio or printed materials. Moving pictures have replaced the book as the means of changing people.

How the editor edits is what people do not realize is the influencing factor. People just watch the video without questioning its authenticity or veracity. Those who do are bent on a conspiracy.

When a video goes viral, it is a marketer’s dream come true and it is almost impossible to know which video will become the next viral hit. All you can do is get the basics done properly and be ready for whatever may come.