Acura: Transactions


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This 112-second video is an ad for the Acura NSX, due out within three years. It stars Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and the famous Seinfeld TV show character, the Soup Nazi. The video was a favorite of an operations and information management professor from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jerry Seinfeld is bound and determined to be the owner of the first Acura NSX but there is one problem. One person is ahead of him.

And so Seinfeld begins a relentless series of tactics to persuade him to surrender the key to that NSX, first by bribing him in the car showroom, then personally-delivered soup nuts at his home with the famous Soup Nazi (Jerry owns the rights to all the characters, he explains), bringing him the last living Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz to the man’s office (Jerry rebuffs the man’s question about all of them being dead by claiming he had found another one), dancing holographic monkey (which the man already has) as the two ride the elevator and engaging the chef at a brunch with comedic “small talk”.

It is not working.

Jerry appears in a tuxedo at a family gathering to deliver standup, then shows up at night to give a recap of last week’s episode of “Jersey Gangland” with sock puppets while the man and his wife are in bed. Things seem to hit rock bottom when Jerry unzips a body bag revealing a space alien, which repulses the man immediately and has Jerry zipping the bag right back up.

Finally, Jerry makes progress on a speed boat. Jerry shifts into high gear with such acceleration that their clothes fly off. But all for naught.

We see Jerry and the man standing on the edge of a New York City skyscraper and Jerry gives his final offer, despite not liking the man as much as he used to (and letting the man know so). Jerry has a personal network of zip lines and gives the man a chance to fly through the steel canyon for the thrill ride of his life.

As the two land on the roof of another skyscraper, the man exults in the adrenaline rush and pulls out the key to give to Jerry. Out of nowhere, a winged man in the form of Jay Leno appears with the offer of a jetpack flying squirrel suit with a New York to Los Angeles transit time of only 20 minutes (conventional flights take four hours).

The man turns around and gives it to Jay just as Jerry is about to take possession. The man jumps onto Jay’s back and the two fly off with Jay’s maniacal laughter ringing in Jerry’s ears. “Leno!”, exclaims Jerry, clenching his fist in frustration.

The video now cuts to Acura’s NSX, first front, then back and then a side shot of the car. The deep-throated roar of its engine revving up accompanies the announcement of the car. The Acura logo and tagline, “Advance” appear over the car.

As a comedic exclamation point, we now return to Jerry, sitting in low-budget diner with his friends: the Soup Nazi, the alien and the munchkin, all of whom were apparently in on the deal to get the NSX.

There will be no problem remembering the product as well as this video. The car is the silent but important character in the story, as Jerry pursues throughout the story. And so, the viewer knows that this video is all about the car. Jerry’s wit infuses the dialogue with funniness all the way through, and viewers have to watch this multiple times to get all of the jokes.

The car only shows up in the beginning and the end, but that is all that is needed to cement the product into the mind of the viewer.

Acura: Transactions
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on January 25, 2013
Exceptionally witty humor from Jerry Seinfeld as he attempts to be the first Acura NSX owner. Surprise visit from Jay Leno.

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