Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer


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This 90-second trailer tells a short story about the game called Angry Birds in an old film-style technique, hearkening back to the days of film projectors and scratchy film.

The opening is in the style of the famous Looney-Tunes opening, with a series of receding circles. The story is of two birds taking meticulous care of their eggs. While the mother watches dutifully over her impending brood, the father gathers materials for the next itself.

Not too far away lurk three green pigs. They are tired of eating grass and eye the eggs with hunger.

A mosquito happens upon one of the eggs and the mother takes to it with all her might, pounding it into the ground. She is joined by others, who watch the mosquito become two-dimensional. As they examine the flattened bug, they suddenly realize that the eggs are gone.

To their horror, footprints leading away from the empty next take them to a fire, over which the eggs are being cooked in a pan by the green pigs. Their shadows darken the pigs and there is little left to wonder as we see a mushroom cloud rise over the fire.

The stage is now set for playing the game, Angry Birds, the battle between the birds and the pigs. This entertaining trailer gives the background quite well in 90 seconds, introducing us first to the birds, then the pigs and finally the transgression which pits the two sides against each other.

The special effects is not overdone and not one word was spoken. It transcends language barriers with ease.

It should not be hard for a viewer to watch and understand this advertisement.

Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer
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on January 22, 2013
Simple animation depicts the background to the Angry Birds game by showing how their eggs were stolen and cooked, giving rise to their ongoing anger.