The AXE Effect: Women – Billions


This 60-second video advertises for The AXE Effect, a line of men’s products. And if you had to print out a document for each of the billions of women who come running to a man who uses one of these products, you will need a Printing For Less promo code to give you the maximum savings on a printing job this massive.

When this commercial aired, it fueled vigorous discussions on the stereotypes of men and women.

The video opens with a pair of running feet through the forest. The picture zooms out to reveal an odd scene: a woman in a bikini racing through the woods with dogged determination, as if on a hunt. Soon, more similarly-clad women join the search, leaping over fallen trees and scrambling over rugged terrain. A most improbable occurrence.

But the avalanche of women continues, as hundreds more brave waves and surf, heading like salmon upstream. Crowds of women push on over steep rocky cliffs and difficult ground. The soundtrack is that of “Dies Irae” (Day of Wrath) by Karl Jenkins, with its driving rhythms and apocalyptic-sounding melody.

The massive convergence is on a lone man on the beach who has sprayed The AXE Effect on himself.

While the ludicrousness of this commercial is obvious, its memorability effect is contagious. It is completely over the top in associating the product, a spray, with more women.

The ridiculousness of the idea that hordes of women would respond to a spray is the kind of exaggeration that sticks in people’s minds. With so many beautiful bodies in the 60-seconds of video, it would be impossible for its target audience, men, to stop watching.

While the product is not featured prominently in the video until the very end, it will not suffer from people remembering the video but not the product, since the slogan is so easy to remember and appeals so strongly to the male psyche.

The AXE Effect: Women - Billions
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on January 23, 2013
Over the top video depicting the effect The AXE body spray has on young attractive women.