AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War


This Axe commercial starts out with scary music, and a group of men carrying a suitcase. Next, it shows a tank rolling down a war torn street, and as it continues rumbling down the road it runs over a doll, popping out it’s one remaining eye. What looks to be a North Korean general is seen staring grimly at rows upon rows of soldiers. A squad of helicopters hover over a forest area, and a man stares down with wide eyes.

The suitcase that is seen at the beginning is set down in front of a noble and opened, revealing a command dashboard with different buttons. A woman walks towards the tank as it comes near, looking at it with a strange look of fear and determination in her eye. The North Korean general, without so much as a change in emotion, raises a hand. The helicopters advance on a field, and children are seen running away from it in terror. A woman stands up and looks at the choppers that are coming nearer. A man jumps off the helicopter and advances upon her, his gun out and raised. She needs a cell phone to call for help, and with republic wireless promo codes, she would be able to get a great deal on a phone with unlimited minutes, text messages, and data. She should click here to get that deal.

The man in front of the suitcase flips open a hatch revealing another red button, and stares at an officer that is on guard next to him. The guard takes a breath, as if in anticipation. The huge barrel of the tank swivels around until it is pointed straight at the woman standing in front of it. She looks at it, her eyes stormy.

The music stops, and a hatch on top of the tank flips open. A soldier sticks his head out and looks at the woman. She smiles, says his name, and steps onto the tank to hug him tightly. The soldier that dropped out of the helicopter lowers his gun and looks at the woman in front of him. She grabs him and kisses him as his gun falls to the floor unnoticed.

The North Korean leader nods, and suddenly, every soldier on the field raises a square above their heads, creating a mural depicting the leader and his wife in a heart. The wife looks surprised and turns to the general, her hand in his, as he smiles slightly.

The noble presses the button in the suitcase and turns around as fireworks burst into the air, and his wife, who is sitting next to him, smiles. He puts her hand to his lips and kisses her knuckles. A voice says, ‘make love, not war, with new Axe Peace’. A man is shown getting sprayed by attendants with the advertised spray.

A student at Penn State University has reviewed this commercial from the perspective of how a man ought to be attractive to women. He does it not by being a hero in war but showing his peace and love instead.

AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War
Super Bowl Ad
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on July 26, 2014
With Axe Peace, you will feel a sensation of serenity that can lead to great acts to show your love. You may be tempted to set fireworks, or even to just show a direct sign of affection to those you love right away.

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