The Next Big Thing is Already Here – Samsung Galaxy S III


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This 90-second ad is for the Samsung Galaxy S III mobile phone.

Samsung pokes a lot of fun at Apple in this video, which depicts an extremely long line of people camping out since the night before the doors open at the local Apple store to unveil the newest iPhone across the country.

The diehard Apple fans are discussing the latest and greatest features that they have been waiting for, along with some drawbacks.

One person in line is using his Samsung Galayx S III, and at first, his friends thought he had given up on it but it turns out he is pleased with the unit and is just holding a spot in line for a friend.

Two GS III owners tap their phones, to the amazement of the Apple fans. One has given a playlist to the other. This feature is presumably not in the latest iPhone.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the happy GS III owner is holding a place in line for his parents, another knock at Apple’s iPhone, which is apparently the favorite phone of old people.

Another Apple fan spots his friends who are not in line. It turns out that they are happy GS III fans as well. The Apple fan protests, saying that the iPhone has 4G and a big screen. The GS III fans reply that they have had 4G for several months already and a bigger screen.

Samsung’s ad attempts to put Apple in the rear-view mirror, touting features on its Galaxy S III phone that are already in place that Apple fans can only hope is coming.

The Next Big Thing is Already Here - Samsung Galaxy S III
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on May 4, 2013
Samsung slams Apple in a commercial that depicts Apple fans lining up for many hours for a phone with features that Samsung's phone has had for many months.