Bigcommerce Coupon Codes for July 2018

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Bigcommerce Coupon Codes for July 2018

Bigcommerce Coupon Codes for July 2018 are your first step towards a successful e-commerce business. Now you can sell your products and services online quickly and easily.

BigCommerce Coupon Codes for July 2018
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on January 3, 2018
Robust e-commerce package to sell your products and services online. Display your products and collect money quickly and easily.

Selling online, known as e-commerce, is now a well-established way of making money. From the occasional eBay auction to the full-time online store, selling products or services through a website is a booming business.

The Bigcommerce Advantage

Bigcommerce specializes in bringing your product or service to market.

In 2011, 100Best, Inc. named the company as the number one Best Shopping Cart Software of the Year, based on customer service, satisfaction, affordability and quality service. Bigcommerce was chosen over Yahoo Online Store and Volusion shopping cart.

It breaks the process down into three basic steps:

  1. Build your store quickly and easily
  2. Manage your store as you take orders, expand inventory and increase revenue
  3. Grow your business as you get found by more people on Google, eBay, Facebook and more.

There are many aspects to online sales, and it is easy to drown in the details. For example, you must:

  1. Domain name registration
  2. Website host
  3. Payment network account
  4. Merchant processor
  5. E-commerce software
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Website design
  8. E-mail marketing

You do not have the time to master all of these aspects. You need to be working on the business not in the business.

Working on the business means to expand it; find new opportunities, forge new partnerships and expand the number of products or services. Working in the business means to do activities that keep one busy, but do not contribute to the growth of the business.

Bigcommerce gave some advice in a Forbes blog post as to how new e-commerce tools could help small businesses grow. The advice included: Invest in mobile; Video content; Social advertising; Digital couponing; all of which will change shopping as we know it.

Bigcommerce takes care of all the things that have to be done to keep the business running. It works in your business so that you can work on it.

You get these e-commerce tools:

  1. Website
  2. Domain name
  3. Secure shopping cart
  4. Product catalog
  5. Payment gateway (transfer money from your customer’s bank to your bank )
  6. Customer Relationship Manager
  7. E-mail accounts
  8. Marketing tools
  9. Reporting
  10. Mobile-optimized store

Storefront design is crucial to getting traffic. Bigcommerce provides themes, point-and-click design tools and customizable website code.

You are not restricted to selling through your own website. You can also have a sales presence on eBay and Facebook.

The most important part of your business is getting the money. Bigcommerce takes care of that with both the payment gateway and the merchant processor. Accept everything from credit cards to PayPal.

Bigcommerce makes it easy to take advantage of its services:

  1. No transaction fees. As your revenue rises, so does your profit because you pay a flat fee.
  2. Easy to import lists exported from other shopping cart platforms
  3. 15-day full-featured trial
  4. No contracts or long-term commitments

If you build it right, they will come. Build your online store today with Bigcommerce coupon codes.

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