Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial – “A Hero’s Welcome”


Budweiser’s emotional Super Bowl commercial ‘A hero’s welcome’ features returning soldier Chuck Nadd, coming back to his home on January 8th. The screen comes up with words saying ‘we gave him a homecoming he would never forget’. Upon arriving he meets his wife as he is coming down an escalator, and as he rushes down, dropping his bag in the process, the two blissfully embrace. He probably called her before so she could know when he would come, hopefully with straight talk coupon codes so that he could have unlimited texts, call, and downloading. Click here for info on how you can get the same deal.

The first thing they see as they drive down the road towards their house is a sign proclaiming ‘welcome home soldier’ painted white on the red roof of a barn. As they continue driving back home, they discover that their town has set up a homecoming celebration to recognize the soldier and his return.

The towns people crowd together down a street and hold up signs that say ‘we love you Chuck’, ‘we’re glad you’re home’, and other words of encouragement and love. Chuck gets out of the car, along with his wife, and nods and waves at the people there, surprised and touched by this display of joy at his returning. He and his wife walk slowly through the crowd of people, looking at all the effort the people in the town made to help him get the feeling of a warm homecoming.

Chuck is pulled, along with his wife, on top of a Clydesdale horse-drawn Budweiser carriage at the end of a procession, all in his honor. The post commander is seen waving at Chuck, and he waves back as the carriage continues being pulled down. As the carriage continues down the road, people erupt into cheering and start taking pictures and waving signs as they see the homecoming soldier appear atop the carriage, waving at the cheering crowd.

While they are still being pulled, Chuck sees a lady jumping up and down frantically to get his attention somewhere in the crowd and waves excitedly in response, as if he knows her. He gets off the carriage and walks over to hug the woman, who appears to be his mother. They tearfully embrace, and people stand up and cheer, taking pictures and waving signs. Words come up, saying, ‘every soldier deserves a hero’s welcome’. Chuck waves and he fades to Budweiser’s logo, with #salute a hero written under it.

The Winter Park-Maitland Observer ran a story stating that their town, Winter Park, actually hosted the homecoming of Chuck Nadd. A sign saying Winter Park is actually shown during the commercial to indicate where he is from.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial - "A Hero's Welcome"
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on August 1, 2014
Chuck Nadd comes back from war to receive a warm homecoming from the townspeople of Winter Park. They celebrate his safe return to his home with a parade stretching for streets, as Chuck and his wife sit atop a Budweiser wagon rolling home.

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