Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial – “Puppy Love”



This Budweiser commercial depicts a puppy that is to be adopted by a woman at Warm Springs Puppy Adoption center. As the lady inspects the dogs, one sneaks off to be with its friend, a Clydesdale horse, Budweiser’s classic commercial mascot.

A worker sees the dog and brings the rogue puppy back to the fenced area where the dogs are kept. The woman chooses that very puppy and gets ready to take it home, stopping to sign some papers, yet it runs away every time it is lifted out and about to be driven away to be with the horse, which is shut in a stable. If only the puppy had opposable thumbs, it could’ve just used a phone to call the horse instead of trying to escape! With Straight Talk Promo Codes, it would have been easy to call repeatedly without paying so much. Click here for more information on these cheap deals.

The dog is repeatedly brought back to its adopter by the man who works there after it escapes and runs off, but it is still determined to get back to its friend. It returns to the horse multiple times in different circumstances, such as through rain and under fences, before it is finally caught and locked in the car to be brought home.

As it is being driven away, the dog’s best friend, the horse, runs after it, as if refusing to let it leave the barn and be separated from him. It gallops out of the owner’s property over a fence and neighs to its fellow horses. They trot out of their enclosure and block the road, clustering in the middle and refusing to let the puppy leave to it’s new home. As the man drives away he sees the dog’s friend in his rearview mirror, galloping after the puppy, and is forced to brake suddenly in the middle of the path in order to avoid hitting the other horses, who came into the path in front of the car.

It (or, the dog) is escorted back to the adoption barn by the horses, and is allowed to stay and play with the horse instead of going to it’s adopted home.

The motto at the end of the commercial, best buds, tells the watcher that the horse and puppy were, as it states, ‘best buds’, and would try to keep each other together. This was most likely chosen as the theme because of the fact the company’s name,  Budweiser, had the word bud in it, so it was used as a pun with bud meaning friend.

This student at Penn State University has shown how Budweiser used most people’s feelings or emotions for dogs and turned it into a powerful ad that people will never forget. The puppy, along with the horse, create a relationship that is common among many BFFs and that many people would connect to.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial - "Puppy Love"
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on July 27, 2014
The puppy and the horse in this video have bonded, and will not be separated from each other. These two 'best buds' are an example of many relationships today, and will stir emotions in the hearts of those that do have these relationships.

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