Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – The Spill


In this seemingly romantic commercial by Dannon Oikos greek yogurt, a lady is seen with a man seated in front of a window, eating a cup of yogurt. The man gets a stain on his mouth and the lady helps him by saying, “you’ve got something on you’re, right here…”

She wipes the stain off and eats it, and finding it delicious comments by giving a “mm!” The man, probably on purpose, eats another spoonful and gets his mouth stained again, and says apologetically, “whoops, I did it again.” The girl giggles and leans forward to kiss him, licking off the yogurt in the process. He is about to take another spoonful of yogurt when it drips from his spoon onto his pants. The woman smiles and then bites her lips, as if considering how to wipe off the stain.

The man shrugs and is about to say something when suddenly two men dressed as clothes washers appear. One sprays the air with a bottle while the other points a brush at the man accusingly and says, “take off your pants, Greek boy!” Confused, the man looks up, exclaiming “huh?” As the woman looks with wide eyes, shaking her head at the sudden intrusion.

The other man, the one who had sprayed the air, says, “you heard the man!” The first one points the brush at the man eating yogurt again and says, louder this time, “take those pants off, they’re going to stain!” The man that was eating yogurt rolls his eyes and a large yogurt cup fills the screen as someone says, “Dannon Oikos greek yogurt, fuel your pleasure!”

The man is seen standing in his boxers as the two men get ready to wash his clothes. The woman takes the cup of yogurt from the man and is walking off as the man desperately says, “no no, no please don’t leave me alone with them!” That doesn’t make sense since he could just call her using Republic Wireless, which gives unlimited messaging and data! If you look over here you can get that same offer.

One of the men starts to spray something on the man’s boxers, and the other one, while scrubbing at an article of clothing, looks up to comment, saying, “she wasn’t good for us anyway.” The man standing in his boxers looks over at the scrubber, looking confused. The commercial, which seemed to start out romantically, had a humorous twist in it to add enjoyment to this video.

A Penn State University student writes a report on the advertisement techniques of Dannon Oikos. They use popular actors/actresses and have John Stamos because most people know he is Greek, therefore making the Greek yogurt worth consideration.


Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt - The Spill
Super Bowl Ad
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on August 22, 2014
Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt creates an amusing and eye-catching commercial to advertise their yogurt. John Stamos is having a romantic yogurt-eating moment with a girl when suddenly two clothes-washers barge in and add a humorous twist to the advertisement.

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