“Delivery” — M&M’S Super Bowl Ad 2014

This M&M’s commercial starts out with a creepy setting, a dark road with a lone car driving along it, and creepy, suspenseful music playing in the background. It looks snowy, and as the car turns around a curve in the street, it shows a wolf shifting its head to look at the car. Shadows flit across the wolf’s head as the headlights of the car bathe it in a sickly light.

The car pulls up at a heavily guarded gate, with security guards around it. In the front mirror you can see a man’s face peering out anxiously, as if not liking the place. A man comes up to the side window and peers in, shining a flashlight at the driver of the car. Then, he seems to nod or give some kind of gesture of approval because the car is seen driving through the heavy metal gates, with more guards closing the gates behind the car.

The back of a man is then seen sitting at the end of an elegant dining table, with a full banquet set out in front of him. On one side, his left side, there is a man in a fine suit eating, and on the other side, two women in rich-looking outfits that are eating as well. A man comes up to the gentleman sitting at the end of the table and says something, and the man at the end of the table looks gravely to the side where the porter had been talking to him.

We then see the two finely-dressed women look at the man as he leaves the table and then look at each other, as one raises an eyebrow to the other, her spoon half-lifted to her mouth.

The sleek black car seen at the beginning of the video pulls up in front of a large mansion, and the man from the table can be observed putting on a dark coat and walking out the door and down the steps to the car. He is accompanied by a few other men, probably attendants or bodyguards, and walks towards the trunk of the car. He opens the trunk and looks in and says something in a foreign language.

Subtitles show up and it shows that he is saying, “You know what I’m going to do to you?” speaking to the thing in the trunk. “First, I’m going to chop you into little pieces,” he says, making chopping motions with his hands, as the men in the back nod to each other in approval. “And then, I’m going to sprinkle you on a big bowl of ice cream.” Here he seems to get a small smile on his face as he says that. The music grows louder, and suddenly Yellow, one of the M&M’s mascots, is seen sitting in the back of the car with a dopey look on his face.

He laughs, and then says, “I have no idea what you’re saying,” and here he sticks a finger in the air, “But count me in!” The M&M’s screen comes up, and a yellow M&M is seen revolving around with the words, ‘America’s favorite nut’ under it.

The screen moves back to the man in the suit, who stands and yells, “Peanut M&M for everyone!” Yellow cheers along with everyone else, but then goes, “Wait, What?!” At this point he should have called his friends to save him, maybe using Straight Talk to get unlimited texting, calls and data on his phone just by checking it out over here. But it was too late.

"Delivery" -- M&M'S® Super Bowl Ad 2014
Super Bowl Ad
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on October 18, 2014
A suspenseful video of a delivery to a dark mansion. Yellow is as clueless as ever in this classic M&M commercial.

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