eFax Coupons for July 2018

Send/Receive faxes by e-mail

Users can send AND receive faxes via their email account as well as choose where they want their number.
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eFax Plus Free For 30 Days

Try eFax free for 30 days. Send AND receive faxes by email. Choose where you want your number.
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Take a giant leap into the future with eFax coupons for July 2018. Forget about paper faxes. You have seen them too many times – a document that has been faxed too many times and is barely legible. Yet this is the way business is used to working, so this archaic technology remains entrenched in the 21st century.

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eFax Coupons for July 2018
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on September 23, 2015
Get out of the stone age and into the digital age by using electronic faxes. Stop struggling with hard to read paper faxes. Great for archiving purposes.

How to Save with eFax Coupons for July 2018

eFax replaces not only the traditional fax machine but the entire fax ecosystem. The problem with a fax machine is that the quality of the document goes down with each scan. Add to that the inferior quality of the printing process and documents become unreadable over time.

Printouts become wrinkled, stained and torn, leading to further reduction in quality.

eFax takes faxing to a totally new level by transforming the document from paper to digital. Once digitized, it stays that way until the very end when it is printed out. But it can be manipulated as well as stored digitally so if it is never printed out, the document quality remains high.

You can view and send faxes on the website or through e-mail. To read a fax through the website, login with your eFax phone number and PIN on the My Account homepage.

Use an eFax Coupon to send faxes as e-mail attachments

eFax converts a fax transmission into an e-mail attachment.

Click View Faxes. Faxes sent to your eFax number arrive here as e-mail attachments. Browse the e-mails to view the faxes. You may also tag your faxes with short descriptors so that you can search for them easily and organize them in folders.

Faxes sent to your eFax number can also be viewed in any e-mail account listed in your receive e-mail addresses list. Open one of the listed accounts, look for any eFax item and open the attachment.

To send a fax through the eFax website, click Send Faxes.

Enter the recipient’s name, fax number, destination country. Company name or other reference is optional. You may copy the information from your contacts.

If you wish to include a cover page, enter a subject and message. Then browse for the documents you wish to fax.

The limit is 10 attachments totaling 18mb. Select the e-mail address at which you wish to receive the send receipt and confirm your quality settings. Click Send Fax.

To send a fax from your e-mail account, ensure that the address is included in the send e-mail addresses list on eFax.

Compose an e-mail to the fax number followed by the @ sign and the domain “efaxsend.com”.

The body of the e-mail is included in the cover page and the attachment will be the body of the fax.

After you click Send, you will receive a receipt e-mail indicating that the fax was successfully transmitted.

eFax is available on mobile devices including Android and iPhone for the ultimate in faxing on the run.

eFax has an Android app

eFax Android app

eFax has an iPhone app

eFax iPhone app

Look through the list of eFax coupons for July 2018 – there is one for your business.

Use eFax Coupons to start faxing by e-mail.