Evian Roller Babies


This 60-second video advertises Evian water with the theme of “Live Young”. The babies all have similar looking bodies, as if they had come out of a copying machine. DocuCopies prints photocopies quickly and economically for your business. With a DocuCopies coupon, you can stretch your print budget as effortlessly as it takes to make photocopies with DocuCopies.

The video consists of a large number of babies on old-fashioned roller skates, doing stunts that are impossible for real babies to do, including jumps, slides, dancing and acrobatic flips.

The message is to show how Evian water affects the human body and maintains its youthfulness. The implication is that if babies drank Evian water, they would be capable of doing extraordinary feats of athleticism.

A hip hop song serves as the soundtrack, with the babies doing all kinds of stunts on roller skates in several different scenes. There is no dialog or plot, just one special effect after another.

This video is more of a demonstration of special effects than an ad that features water. The product label shows up late in the commercial when a baby roller skates backwards through a spaced lineup of the bottles. The babies do not drink the water or even feature the label anywhere on their persons, whether on their shirts or diapers. There is no special interaction between the babies and the water.

The video could very well be edited for any other drink and the commercial would stand up to scrutiny, since the Evian label only shows up on bottles placed on the ground for the baby to skate past.

This ad could very well be one that people remember for the babies but not the product. However, it has proven to be a very popular viral video.

Evian Roller Babies
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on January 22, 2013
A funny video depicting the benefits of Evian water on a group of babies who can not only roller skate but do fancy tricks and feats of athleticism that most adults would not even attempt.