The Force: Volkswagen


This 60-second video advertises for the 2012 Volkswagen Passat with remote control. It became an internet sensation that spawned a follow-up video. eFax helps your business duplicate its success one document at a time. Every time you use an eFax coupon, you preserve the quality of the document for better readability and archiving.

This video had no problems beating the others in the Super Bowl contest of commercials. It was analyzed many times over.

A small boy has become enraptured with the evil Darth Vader’s power to control things through “the force”. With his Darth Vader costume on and the nefarious music playing in the background, mini-Darth attempts to exert the force on household objects including the exercise bicycle, the family dog, the dryer and his sister’s doll. Nothing responds.

His attempt to draw a sandwich towards himself also ends in futility as his mother slides the plate to him.

His despondency is interrupted by the dog’s bark, signaling his father’s return home from work. Ecstatically, he rushes outside to try to use the force one last time.

Brushing past the outstretched arms of dad and ignoring the attempt to hug him, the pint-sized Vader throws himself into using the force on the car. As seconds tick by, the car suddenly roars to life, blinking its lights, as if commanded to by the force.

It is, in fact, the father pressing the remote control starter from inside the kitchen, but the son does not know. HE leaps back, startled and not knowing what to do. The viewers are now introduced to the 2012 Volkswagen Passat.

Though this video had three humans, not a word was spoken, but none needed to. The disappointment of the little boy was evident with each failed attempt to use the force. The startled response when the car turned on, seemingly at his command, was as obvious as the viewer’s laughter at the son’s reaction. The father’s raised eyebrow as he communicates to his wife about the joke is all that is needed.

The Passat plays a dramatic part in this video and it should not be a problem remembering it, or at least the manufacturer.

The Force: Volkswagen
Reviewed by

on January 22, 2013
Totally hilarious video of a young boy feeling empowered by his Darth Vader costume to exert The Force on anything that crosses his path. Much to his disappointment, nothing works until he gets a little help from Dad.