Halftime in America: Chrysler Super Bowl 2012 Commercial


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This two-minute video is an advertisement for Chrysler starring famed actor Clint Eastwood, but it was also an inspirational video for all of America. Mention of the video became part of the Congressional record when Representative Marcy Kaptur of Ohio referenced it in a speech to the House of Representatives.

The video was timed to play during the half-time of Super Bowl 2012. The opening lines of the voiceover, in the steely, gravelly voice of Clint Eastwood, state that the two teams are in their locker rooms discussing how they will play in the second half of the game. From that, Eastwood, also shown walking down a darkened road, pronounces that America is also at a half-time of sorts.

With the economy in shambles and the nation in discord, America is down but not out. It should look at the city of Detroit, specifically, the car manufacturing companies which recovered to become profitable despite their brush with bankruptcy.

Various scenes of everyday life are shown as Eastwood affirms that America will recover, it will find a way to succeed.

This was not an advertisement for a product but a subtle pitch for Chrysler. Its various car logos show up at the end of the emotionally-charged and uplifting video with the tagline, “Imported From Detroit”.

Halftime in America: Chrysler Super Bowl 2012
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on May 6, 2013
Stirring patriotic video about American people's resiliency in the face of hard times.