Honda: Matthew’s Day Off


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This 2-minute and 25-second video advertises the Honda CR-V starring actor Matthew Broderick. It was released ahead of the 2012 Super Bowl.

In 1986, the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off became a classic with young people, as its main character, Ferris Bueller, skips a day of school to explore Chicago in a 1961 Ferrari. The film remains popular with young people today, so Honda went with a commercial that revisited the theme by paralleling the movie’s plot.

The story revolves around Broderick faking sick to avoid a day of acting on the movie set. Instead, he takes his Honda CR-V around Los Angeles for a day of fun.

The video opens with Matthew lying in bed calling in “sick”. He fakes cold symptoms and convinces the man on the other end of the phone call that he is indeed too sick to come in for work. So he gets to stay in his hotel room to recuperate. Instead, he throws opens the curtains and exults in his poor acting job that worked so well.

In a nod to the movie, he wears a turban towel and speaks directly to the camera regularly. The valet imitates a line from the movie by announcing, “Broderick, Broderick…”

While the movie’s famous music plays in the background, Matthew drives off for a day of fun and relaxation. He explains that life is full of things that must be done but “sometimes, you gotta live a little,” he says rather sedately while on a scary roller coaster. The CR-V is shown from the front, back and side.

Fortunately, he wins a big stuffed animal at the arcade, a giant panda bear.

Matthew drives on along the scenic coastline and the vehicle’s in-car phone system gets shown off as he fakes his sick condition to the person on the other end of the call.

At an intersection, he waits at the red light and glances to his right, to see the person he called in sick to in the vehicle to his right. The driver glances left and then does a double-take, but this time the giant panda is sitting in what was once an empty passenger seat a few seconds before. Quick thinking.

Broderick escapes that potential mess and heads to the Natural History Museum. There, he gets a kick out of scaring some little school kids.

He communes with the walrus exhibit and then gets chased by the kids. Matthew heads to the beach to do some tai chi. From there, he moves to the horse track, where he is surrounded by screaming spectators and kissed by a winner in the excitement.

More shots of the CR-V in action from all different angles.

He drives into Chinatown and joins in on the parade, which happens to be televised. Meanwhile, the person who thinks he’s sick and told Matthew to stay in bed is at bar talking on the phone and explaining Matthew’s condition. In the background, Matthew shows up on the television just as the man glances away. Matthew escapes detection once again.

The day ends with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. The valet takes his vehicle while Matthew explains once again, the necessity of enjoying life amid the frenetic rush. Recalling the movie, the valet squeals the tires as he peels away from the curb, taking the entire vehicle airborne.

The Honda logo and vehicle name flash across the screen with a voiceover.

Humorously, the end of the video is yet to come. Matthew comes back to the camera to chide the viewer about having something better to do than hanging around.

The Honda CR-V is featured prominently throughout the video. It is at the beginning, middle and end. It exits with a flourish, as it launches into the air and lands on the road with sparks flying. It will not be a problem for the viewer to remember the product as well as the video.

Honda: Matthew's Day Off
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on January 28, 2013
Humorous Honda commercial about Matthew Broderick reprising his Ferris Bueller character for the CR-V