HostGator Coupons for July 2018

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HostGator Coupon Codes for July 2018

HostGator coupon codes for July 2018 are your introduction to web hosting made easy and affordable. With unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free site building tools and templates and award-winning tech support at any time of day or night, you can have peace of mind that your website will not be a headache. With a big list of HostGator coupons, you can find the right one for you.

HostGator Coupons for July 2018
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on September 23, 2015
No-hassle website hosting with unlimited space, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited bandwidth. Stop struggling with your website host and focus on building your instead.

HostGator gives so much for so little just like Straight Talk promo code 2018, which give you all of the talking, texting and downloading that you want to do without having to pay extra.

How to Use HostGator Coupon Codes

HostGator coupon codes are easy to use. As soon as you select the appropriate Order Now button, you proceed to the HostGator Order Wizard screen. Enter your domain name. It can be an existing one or a new one. Work your way down the screen, entering the required information.

Before you enter the HostGator coupon code, enter your domain.

Before you enter the HostGator coupon code, enter your domain.

When you come to the “Have a coupon code?” section, you will see a suggested coupon code already in the box, which you can override.

Enter the HostGator coupon code and click Validate

Enter the HostGator coupon code and click Validate

You can cycle through any number of HostGator coupons, seeing which one gives you the biggest discount. After you click Validate, you will see the updated total.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator allows you to store as much content as you want, pictures, videos and text, without worrying about limits. You also do not have to worry about heavy traffic overrunning your quota because there is no bandwidth limit either.

If you want to develop websites on subdomains, you can create an unlimited number of those as well. There are no restrictions on the number of FTP accounts, so you can assign individual ones to each of your users and developers to maintain security.

Do you need e-mail addresses? HostGator gives you an unlimited number of those as well.

You can control the operations of your website with the cPanel Control Panel, a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard.

With cPanel, you can see how many people come to your website, how long they stay, what pages they like and how they came to your website. You can examine error logs to see if there are any problems with your website and a raw log manager for the ultimate in knowing exactly who came to your website.

Do you have big plans for your websites? cPanel allows you to set up shopping carts, blogs, portals, forums and contact forms. Set up a shopping cart to sell your products, a blog to discuss your products and draw in visitors, a portal to organize information about your products, a forum for people to meet and discuss your products and contact forms to make it easy to reach you.

With cPanel’s security features, you can protect certain directories with a password, modify the error pages to make them more informative, deny troublesome IP addresses and implement hotlink protection.

All of this comes with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, so you do not have to worry about customers not being able to reach your website.

And you can try all of this with a no-risk, no-contract 45-day money back guarantee.

Get HostGator coupon codes for July 2018 and get worry-free hosting today!

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