iContact Coupon Codes for July 2018

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iContact Free Trial

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Social Media Marketing Tools

Make your marketing social by using iContact's easy-to-use social media marketing tools. If you've used Facebook or Twitter before, you'll be right at home. Even if you haven't, iContact will be your perfect introduction.

You'll be able to do all the things you've wanted to do with social media, such as save draft posts, schedule messages ahead of time and track your results. And because iContact is your one-stop shop for both email and social media marketing, you'll never waste time switching between applications in order to see great results.
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Start E-mail Marketing with iContact Coupon Codes for July 2018

Use iContact coupon codes for July 2018 to extend your marketing reach. E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers and prospects. Keep them informed of upcoming promotions or events. Increase your website traffic dramatically.

iContact gives you better marketing results with all of the essentials for professional e-mail marketing. Its solutions have won awards by including all of the features you need for your business to grow, no matter how small or large.

iContact Coupon Codes for July 2018
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on September 23, 2015
Acquire and retain more customers through an e-mail marketing system that is simple but powerful. A free trial is a great introduction to the ease and effectiveness of iContact.

iContact is the marketing solution that is right for your business. Get some iContact coupons and start working with iContact today to maximize your e-mail marketing results.

iContact E-mail Templates

Get iContact coupon codes and start using an iContact template

People will not read your text unless it is packaged attractively. iContact’s many well-designed e-mail templates cover a broad spectrum of industries and there is one that will suit your business.

All designs and layouts are fully customizable and include postcard, one-column and multiple-column. Your messages will have the look and feel of your business.

iContact’s templates will meet your marketing needs, including sale and event promotions, informational tips and tricks and staying in touch with clients, prospects and others.

Just pick your template, then modify it with your logo, pictures, colors and text.

iContact tests the appearance of your e-mails in a wide variety of e-mail clients so that your e-mails look great in your customers’s inbox.



iContact’s MessageBuilder program makes it simple to create beautiful messages. You do not need design skills to use its drag and drop tool and within minutes, you will have the message looking great.

The MessageBuilder Toolbar makes it easy to add images, modify margins and store your branding colors.

No HTML knowledge required. You can manipulate images and blocks of text in your messages using the drag and drop interface: select, edit, delete, and exchange.



iContact’s MessageCoder is for professional designers who want full control over their designs. You can import HTML from one of the templates or start with a blank canvas. Toggle between the HTML and Design views so that you can tweak every detail and preview the result instantly.

MessageCoder has a popup preview so that you can see the final result. Create, preview and adjust.

iContact E-mail Delivery


iContact makes sure your e-mail winds up in the inbox, not the spam folder. Technology and know-how combine to make sure no one misses your message. It is important that your message makes it past junk e-mail folders and avoids getting you tagged as a spammer. With iContact’s top e-mail delivery success rates, you can rest assured that your message gets read.

The e-mail delivery team monitors the iContact e-mail servers to make sure e-mails get through and are not raising red flags.

The iContact SpamCheck program ensures that senders are not violating spam rules. If your e-mail is spammy, iContact will notify you and let you know how to modify it.

iContact works with Internet Service Providers to prevent blacklisting.

Get started today with iContact and iContact coupon codes for July 2018.

E-mail Marketing Begins with an iContact Coupon Code