Kia: Share Some Soul


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This 60-second video advertises the “Share Some Soul” campaign for the 2012 Kia Soul, a compact hatchback sedan. It debuted at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

The scene opens up in a post-apocalyptic war zone where the silver robots and black robots are battling it out in and around burned-out buildings. There is no mercy as we see one robot after another getting destroyed. A spaceship dispatches of a robot with a well-aimed energy beam. It is obviously a fight to the death.

Amid the fierce firefight, a glimpse of a green vehicle could be seen buzzing along the ground, partially concealed by the smoke.

What happens next stops every robot in its tracks. A Kia Soul rolls up and all robots train their weapons on this new and unexpected object. Out step three hamsters and start dancing to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”. The video cuts to a robot begin to tap its foot to the beat and then begins to sway its body in time with the rhythm. Another robot drops its weapon to dance.

More robots join in and soon a crowd of silver robots are dancing in perfect synchronization – they are robots, after all. A half robot is apparently still capable of dancing, as its upper half is missing. Nevertheless, it has the footwork down.

The hamsters continue to lead the dance and one robot is now spinning on its head. A spaceship that was once sending down death rays now lights up the scene with colorful lights, highlighting the Kia Soul and a dancing hamster.

Now all of the robots are dancing in unison with the hamsters in the middle, the silver on one side and the black on the other. Their mission of peace accomplished, the hamsters drive out. A closeup of the push button start and the left tail light blinking in time with the beat highlight the Kia Soul as the hamsters drive out, leaving behind a huge dance-fest of robots flipping, dancing, firing their weapons up into the air and too busy dancing to fight. Shots of the interior and exterior of the Soul finish the visual tour of the Kia Soul.

At the end, the Kia Soul name is displayed along with the tagline, “a new way to roll” and “Starting under $14k”.

While the battle scene is memorable, the Kia Soul may not be. Its name is not featured very prominently and even though there are product shots, the name is hardly in the picture except for two shots. One of them is at the end to leave its imprint on the viewer’s memory, but the association is weak.

The transition from an all-out robot war to dancing hamsters is also an odd juxtaposition, and viewers will remember that much more than the vehicle.

A better advertisement is the story of Jerry Seinfeld’s quest to be the first owner of the new Acura NSX. In that, the car was the goal. In this video, it is not the star of the show. The hamsters are the stars and the vehicle is a bit player.

Kia: Share Some Soul
Reviewed by

on January 26, 2013
Amusing animation featuring a group of hamsters that disrupt an intense robot war with their Kia Soul sedan.