Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation


This 90-second video advertises for Pepsi Cola starring Michael Jackson and his brothers. Since those early days, the Michael Jackson brand has dominated pop culture. With a HostGator coupon, your business website can start dominating the competition.

This video features pop superstar Michael Jackson and his brothers in their prime years. Pepsi had a long and fruitful relationship with Jackson and this commercial demonstrates it.

With the music of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean as the soundtrack, Michael sings a new set of lyrics about Pepsi for a whole new generation. The Jackson brothers are in a store in a sidestreet when they see a group of young kids dancing to the sound of Billie Jean. One of them imitates Michael’s dance moves quite well, so the Jacksons come out of the store to meet these up and coming dancers.

As the young Michael Jackson imitator moonwalks backwards, he bumps into Michael himself and the two groups merge and dance a set of classic Michael Jackson moves. The Jacksons then leave while the kids continue to dance, whereupon the two groups wave goodbye to each other.

The infectious sound of the song with the modified lyrics was sure to implant the Pepsi name into the minds of the viewers. The popularity of the song and the star power of Michael Jackson make this a blockbuster commercial.

The young kid with the hot dance moves does a very good job imitating Michael Jackson, and people were seen drinking Pepsi throughout the video.

It should not be a problem remembering the product as well as the action and music, with the Pepsi name getting reinforced through sound and sight.

Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation
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on January 22, 2013
Featuring Michael Jackson at his prime and his hit song "Billie Jean", this video showcases Michael's dancing with the next generation of young Pepsi drinkers.