M&Ms: Just My Shell


This video advertises the M&M chocolates.

M&M’s video was picked to be the fourth best video of the 2012 Super Bowl by Southern New Hampshire University’s chair of the on-campus and online advertising degree programs.

A sophisticated interaction between real actors and animated M&Ms at an elegant social gathering sets the scene for some wild behavior. There are male and female M&M characters as well as in real life.

Three females, two human and one M&M, are discussing a conversation that the M&M had. The M&M is in the classic brown with the letter “m” on the front. As she regales the two women who are rapt with attention, she is interrupted by the giggle of a nearby man. Wondering what is the matter, one of the women tells her that he thinks the female M&M is naked.

Offended, she indignantly addresses both the women and the two men, causing the men to stir uncomfortably. Her shell is brown but her milk chocolate is not showing; only a fool wold think that she would show up naked to the party.

Suddenly, a male M&M’s voice rings out across the room. Having just entered, he is dressed in red. Gleefully, he tosses his red covering aside to reveal his brown shell without the white “M”. So apparently, this is the difference between a clothed M&M and a naked one.

The male M&M now enters full party mode, showing off his “buff” body as the song “I’m Sexy and I Know It” plays in the background. The three females, including the M&M, are speechless at this characteristically juvenile male behavior.

The video cuts to footage of how real M&Ms are made and the slogan, “not your average chocolate” shows at the bottom.

Cutting back to the party, the male is now prancing in front of the female, whose look of disdain couldn’t be more obvious.

There will be no problem remembering the M&M brand, as it is featured throughout the video as a major character. As one of the big names in chocolate, it’s impossible to not recognize the signature “M” that is on every M&M.

The premise that M&Ms can converse and act like humans is clever and the characteristic male behavior that the M&M displays is funny, memorable and so stereotypical. Viewers will remember the brand name as well as this entertaining ad.

M&Ms: Just My Shell
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on January 25, 2013
Humorous video features animated M&Ms talking with humans at a party. Male and female M&Ms behave like their human counterparts.