Modern Warfare 3: The Vet & the Noob


This 90-second video advertised the release of Activsion’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Against the backdrop of raging urban warfare, two real-life characters, The Vet and The Noob, must battle it out against hordes of enemy attackers in the form of soldiers, helicopter-fired rockets and explosions. The Noob has to catch on or die, as bullets and grenades threaten to splatter them with one misstep.

The duo starts in New York City, where the wide-eyed Noob gets his first taste of combat. The vet coolly peels out two submachine guns and calmly dodges a rocket from an attack helicopter. He then activates a remote-controlled rocket launcher which dispenses of the helicopter in one mighty explosion.

The Noob is thoroughly impressed and, having learned his gunfighting techniques from Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger, tries to hose down the area with a spray of bullets, complete with a barbaric roar. Instead, he manages to trigger a land mine and blows himself up, to the dismay of the Vet as the strains of AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill” play in the background.

Ironically, this segment was used by North Korea for a propangandistic video against the United States as international tensions escalated over its use of nuclear weapons.

The pair are then transported to a blown out skyscraper in Berlin where they sneak up on an enemy who is at the windows picking off hostiles down below. The Noob whips out a rocket-propelled grenade and before the Vet can stop him, blows up the enemy. A mighty explosion engulfs the floor. “Should I have used the knife?” he asks as the Vet tries to make sense of the incredible stupidity.

The odd couple make their way to the Paris streets, where a hail of bullets forces them to crouch behind the burned out hulk of a vehicle. “Watch and learn,” admonishes the Vet. Together, they pull out their machine guns, lob some grenades and fire short accurate bursts, much to the Vet’s satisfaction.

On a flight out of Moscow, the two must fight it out on the plane with the bad guys, and as the plane careens out of control, they fire their automatic weapons while suspended in the air upside down.

Back on the street, the Vet is about to instruct the Noob once more but is interrupted. The Noob knows what to do. He steps out and hurls a grenade, fires some precise rounds and tosses another grenade. He shoots his pistol and throws one more grenade, piling up the body count.

The Vet is happy with the performance.

The tagline, “There’s a soldier in all of us” appears across the screen and another soldier steps out, spraying bullets like a garden hose.

“Go get ’em, noob,” says the now former noob, as the new noob lets off a big round and runs off with glee.

The non-stop action with explosions, flying projectiles and devastation transplant the viewer into the hot zone of combat. Elevated blood pressure and sweaty palms accompany the watching of this video. There is no doubt what this product is, no confusion, no forgetting what the product is.

With all of the heart-pounding action, it can only be the signature game of combat. The display of the game name at the end is almost irrelevant, as the viewer has watched this with one thing in mind: get the game as soon as possible and join the action.

Modern Warfare 3: The Vet & the Noob
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on January 24, 2013
A gripping video of two humans doing street battles in animated environments around the world. The men face intense combat as they seek to survive the rockets, grenades and hail of bullets.