How to Name Your Business

How to Name Your Business

From the author of a book called Toilet Paper Entrepreneur comes these three tips on picking a business name.

  1. Associates with visual memory
  2. Can be used as a verb (e.g., Google)
  3. Simple to spell and read

Naming your business can be a difficult task. Do you give the customer some idea of what your business is about? See Microsoft, Red Lobster and Bed, Bath and Beyond? Or do you go with a word that is distinctive and memorable? See Google, Amazon, Walmart and Apple?

The less connection between the name and the type of business, the harder it will be to get brand recognition.

The video gives some good simple tips on how to come up with a name. Certainly, something that can be envisioned is much easier than a weird or non-related word. This is not to say that weird words are bad – it’s just that it’s harder to establish a presence.

There does seem to be some risk involved when invoking images of “toilet paper”.