Nike Football: Mercurial Vapor VIII: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Rafa Nadal


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This 97-second video advertises for the Nike’s Mercurial Vapor VIII soccer shoes, starring Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal.

It is a quiet sunny day and a lawn sprinkler at a tennis court sets the tone for a practice session. The powerful blasts of a tennis racket punctuate the air and it turns out to be world-famous tennis star, Rafael Nadal, serving up the ball in killer fashion. A sports car roars into the parking lot but the driver’s identity is concealed until the two meet. It is world famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo brings a tennis racket, not the usual equipment for his game. But he has brought something else: the Mercurial Vapor VIII soccer shoes from Nike in bold pink and Nadal takes note of them.

The two begin warming up on the grass court with Nadal gently hitting the tennis ball to Ronaldo, who plays it like a soccer ball and returns it. The match is on and Nadal serves up what looks to be an ace, but Ronaldo returns the ball with perfection and Nadal sprawls on the ground in amazement.

The shoes are the secret.

The match switches over to using a soccer ball and this time, Nadal is wearing the Nike shoes. He does an airborne kick, to the surprise of Ronaldo and exults in his newfound shoes. The video displays the kind of shoes they are for a brief second before ending with Ronaldo demanding the shoes back and Nadal walking away from him.

This video, showing two superstars in a novel contest, features the product very well and it will not be hard to remember what shoes they are.

Nike Football: Mercurial Vapor VIII: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Rafa Nadal
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on May 15, 2013
Funny video about a tennis match between Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafa Nadal where Ronaldo uses his feet to play tennis.