Nike: My Time Is Now


This two-minute and 36-second video advertises the European 2012 soccer championships and the Nike Clash Collection soccer shoes (or football boots, as they are called in Europe). It stars a number of famous European soccer players and NBA basketball star LeBron James.

The first 30 seconds features intense soccer play between France and Holland. Holland kicks the ball deep into French territory and several players go up for the head shot. Suddenly, a player clad in black and white gets to the ball first and heads it towards the goal. The crowd is silent as the ball heads towards the top of the goal. Only a last-second deflection by the keeper averts a goal as the ball skips over the crossbar.

The crowd goes wild, broadcasters scramble to make sense of what happened and the players are stunned.

Suddenly, a horde of black-and-white-clad players storm onto the field and the game becomes a three-way contest as the regular players attempt to play on while the surge of new players attempt to play alongside them.

Underneath the stadium, more young players are racing like salmon going upstream. They are in the locker room putting on their uniform. At one point, they run past the Clash Collection soccer cleats, neatly displayed on the wall. A soccer ball gets kicked around and rifles towards a concession stand but is then blocked by the outstretched hand of none other than LeBron James.

The stampede bursts open the doors and overruns an executive lunch, scattering the suits and ties. They run around and through the assembled group, stepping on the table and the food on the table. Ironically, some of the executives join the players streaming onto the field.

The mayhem worsens, as players from outside the stadium cause traffic jams as they force their way into the stadium.

Humorously, a famous Portugal soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, belatedly tries to join the team but has a shirt that is clearly too small for him.

Back on the field, the upstarts now flood the field and control the ball and the regulars are straining to catch up. A suit and tie gains control of the ball and sends it booming downfield. Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery and an upstart race at it and are about to kick the stationary ball when the video cuts to black.

The slogan, “MY TIME IS NOW”, the Nike swoosh symbol and Nike’s URL flash on the screen and then an exclamation point of humor ends the video with Cristiano emerging from the tunnel wearing the shirt that is clearly too small for him.

The nonstop action, the famous faces and the anticipation of the championship game make this memorable, not only for the special effects and animation but for the brand name. The heart-stopping action pushes relentlessly ahead and stops only long enough to display the Nike logo, which will firmly implant in the viewer’s mind.

Nike: My Time Is Now
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on January 25, 2013
Nike's extended commercial shows famous faces in the European soccer world in a fictitious match that is interrupted by a third team of younger up and coming anonymous players. Some humorous bits are sprinkled throughout.

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