Oreo Whisper Fight


This 30-second video advertises the Oreo cookie in a classic scenario similar to the Bud Lite commercials in which the room divides into two sides arguing over which attribute is better. It would be like arguing over which part of a straight talk promo code is better: the unlimited talking or no long-term contracts.

Two students are studying in a library but are distracted by the Oreo cookie that one of them holds in his hand. He innocently remarks that the cream part is the better than the cookie part. His study partner opposes him vigorously, saying that the cookie part is best.

Regrettably, this student needs to pursue his English grammar with the same fervor as he defends his opinion of the Oreo cookie’s preferred feature because he should have said that the cookie part is “better”, not “best”. The use of the word “best” requires a minimum of three characteristics from which to choose, but in this situation, only two are presented. Thus, the correct usage would be “better” not “best”.

At this point, they are still observing protocol and keeping their conversation in whispered tones. However, their actions escalate and the bickering turns violent as one student stands up and upends the table at the other, spilling the books and papers all over the floor. Another student smashes a chair on him, whispering “Cream!”

Another man joins the argument on the side of the cookies, pushing stacks of bookshelves over like dominoes. A man hurls a large object at a woman, whispering “Cream!”, who ducks just in time for the window behind her to get smashed. She gets back up and whispers “Cookie!” while smashing a lamp.

Two men fight on the upper floor and break through the railing, crashing onto the floor below.

General mayhem ensues, as flames bring in the fire fighters. But in all of the fighting, everyone is still whispering because it is the library.

The next step for these two opposing sides would be to take their fight online. They should start e-mail campaigns using software like this one to take their message to the masses.

Eventually, the police arrive by smashing through the brick wall with their squad car, admonishing everyone through a bullhorn to stop fighting because they are the cops. But he also whispers.

The end of the video encourages the viewers to continue the dispute by voting on Instagram as to which is better.

This commercial has become a favorite.

Oreo Whisper Fight
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on June 28, 2013
A squabble over the better part of the Oreo cookie leads to an all out riot in a library, but ironically obeying the whisper rule throughout the melee. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
  • Toni July 1, 2013, 21:55

    What a great review! Thanks for linking me in your post :)- Toni