Pepsi Shaolin Kung Fu Training


This 60-second video advertises the Pepsi Cola soft drink as it follows the struggle of a boy to attain mastery. A Just Host coupon will help you in your quest to establish your online presence with a great deal on website hosting.

The video tells the dramatic story of a young boy who completes his Shaolin Temple Kung Fu training. The story has two parts, first as a little boy and then a young man.

In the first part, we see the ancient monastery complete with ancient monks. The little boy comes alone, ascending the long flight of stairs with his belongings strapped to his back and knocks on the big creaky door. He is initiated into the ways of the temple, shaving his head and suiting up in his uniform.

His training begins with some stances. His first attempt to break a brick results in failure, pain and a disappointed shaking of the head by the master. Afterwards, he sits alone in the large courtyard, dejectedly holding his bowed head in his hands.

Many years later, that same bowed head rises confidently as a young man about to take his final examination. He kicks, punches, flips and breaks things with authority and finesse. At this, the master raises a can of Pepsi, as does the entire courtyard of monks. The student looks around and grabs his Pepsi, drinking it down with the rest.

But one matter remains to be done. He looks around and finally notices a strange mark on everyone’s forehead – a circle with some marks inside. All throughout the video, the marks were on everyone’s forehead, but until now, they were not too noticeable.

Now, with a bright blue flag bearing the symbol prominently displayed behind the master, as well as on every forehead around him, he realizes what must be done.

He places the can on the ground and smashes it with his forehead, now putting the symbol on it as well. The master smiles in approval and the delighted group rushes to congratulate his achievement.

The video sneaks Pepsi in at the last part and makes it the culminating moment of the story. The video draws the viewer in with a success story and out of nowhere, Pepsi shows up as the final part of the Kung Fu test. But it is not just drinking it but smashing the can with his head which gives the ad such an impact.

It should be easy to remember the product because it is an integral part of the story, first subtly with the marks on the foreheads and then explicitly with the drinking and smashing at the end.

Pepsi Shaolin Kung Fu Training
Reviewed by

on January 23, 2013
Clever and witty depiction of a young boy's long odyssey in mastering the martial arts, integrated with initiation into the Pepsi brotherhood.