Straight Talk iPhone 4S

Straight Talk iPhone 4S
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on July 3, 2013
Straight Talk iPhone 4S
The Straight Talk iPhone 4S is a fantastic combination of a cutting edge smartphone and a simple no-nonsense plan with either 1,000 minutes or unlimited minutes. No long-term contracts. Enjoy the iPhone 4S without paying through the nose.

The Straight Talk iPhone 4s is the popular Apple iPhone 4s combined with a Straight Talk plan with a fixed monthly rate and no minimum number of months.

The iPhone 4S went on sale on October 14, 2011 and sold four million units in the first three days of sales.

The CNET company evaluates a lot of electronics and one of the ways it reviews mobile phones is to abuse them.

The first test is to freeze it for two hours. The iPhone 4S had a slight icy coating on the screen but it powered up. Much to the tester’s surprise, the phone shut down due to a low battery. This, despite the fact that the battery was two-thirds charged before it went into the freezer.

She charged the battery for 30 minutes and turned on the iPhone 4S with no problems. It stayed on and got a passing grade but the tester considered the battery discharge a hiccup.

The second test is a heat test, where the iPhone 4S was placed in a fish tank along with two heat lamps and cooked for one hour at 150 degrees F. The phone came out too hot to hold so it was left to cool down. Once she could hold it, she turned it on and it looked to her like the iPhone 4S was had spent a day at the beach, meaning that it was not working very hard. She concluded that the iPhone was nowhere near the top operating temperature.

The third test was a series of four drops of varying heights. From hip height, it suffered a thick purple line running down the left side of the display. A drop from shoulder height resulted in a blue screen of death – just a blank bluis screen. A third drop from the same height resulted in another blue screen of death. The final drop was down a flight of stairs, resulting in a chip on the front and back. It skipped down the steps and bounced around the bottom. But it still worked and despite the thick purple bar, it was given a passing grade.

The fourth test was a swimming test in the bottom of a fish bowl. It sat for about 15 seconds and then got dried off. It turned on just fine and earned a passing grade.

The fifth and final test was a trip through the wash cycle of a washing machine. Not surprisingly, it did not turn on after it came out. The iPhone 4S went into a bag full of packets that absorb moisture for three days. It did not turn on, so it received a failing grade for the washing machine.

This test was prompted by several viewers who said that their smartphones went through the washing machine, a victim of forgetfulness. To be fair, it is doubtful most smartphones would survive such an episode.

The Straight Talk iPhone 4S is a fantastic combination of a superior smartphone and a simple plan. Get 1,000 minutes for $30 per month and unlimited minutes for $45/month. You can change plans without paying any fees so you do not have to lock yourself into a long-term commitment.

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