Straight Talk iPhone 5

Straight Talk iPhone 5
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on July 2, 2013
Straight Talk iPhone 5
The Straight Talk iPhone 5 is a fantastic combination of a great phone and top-notch plan with minutes. It can survive freezing, baking, submerging under water and falling onto concrete but its case can get nicked up and require a replacement.

The Straight Talk iPhone 5 is the popular Apple iPhone 5 combined with a Straight Talk plan with no long-term contracts.

The iPhone 5 went on sale on September 21, 2012 and achieved phenomenal sales figures.

This phone was subjected to a torture test by CNET, an organization that tests and reviews electronic devices. Their battery of tests include cold, heat, scratching, dropping and water.

In the first test, the iPhone 5 was placed inside the freezer for two hours. It was removed and immediately turned on. It immediately started working despite the crystal formation on the screen. The tester noted that the battery remained full, unlike the iPhone 4S, which apparently discharged during the freezing session.

The second test had the iPhone 5 in an oven for one hour at 200 degrees F. It was wrapped in a towel to shield it from direct contact with the metal rack.

After 60 minutes of baking, the iPhone 5 was removed. It powered up to a point – enough to display a warning that the unit was too hot and must be cooled down to use. After 15 minutes of cooling, the iPhone 5 was turned on and it worked just fine, responding to the touch with no problems whatsoever.

The third test was a scratch simulating the kind of scratches that would happen if you were running across the street and you dropped the phone. It would skid along the pavement, a sure way to pick up all kinds of dents and nicks.

In this durability test, the phone did not perform well. It got scratched so badly, the tester thought that one of the edges of the case was sharp enough to give her a finger cut. It would need a replacement case. Initially, the iPhone 5 failed this test, but after some thought, the test result was changed to pass because the phone still functioned after the test.

The fourth test was the drop test onto concrete. After the first drop, a crack showed up on the back and some chipping on the front. Two more drops from shoulder and ear height resulted in no further damage. The iPhone 5 started up and worked fine. But with a cracked back, it was given a failing grade.

The fifth and final test was a dunk under water. It was submerged for about 15 seconds and then dried off. To its credit, it was already weakened by the cracks incurred during the scratch and drop tests, but the phone stayed on while underwater and worked with no problem.

The tester shut off the phone, put it in a bag of rice for a 36 hours to absorb as much moisture as possible. It turned on with no problem.

Overall, the tester was pleased with the functionality of the phone but not so happy with its vulnerability to scratches. It scratches too easily and the slight damage would require a case replacement.

She observed that the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy SIII did not get scratched up despite undergoing the same five tests.

She showed her own brand new five-day-old iPhone 5 to reveal many small scratches on the screen after only five days of sitting in her purse alongside keys. She was not happy with that.

The Straight Talk iPhone 5 is a great way to enjoy an iPhone. For only $30/month, you get 1,000 minutes. For $45/month, you get unlimited minutes. If you pay for three, six or twelve months, your rate keeps going lower.

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