Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy SIII
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on June 28, 2013
Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy SIII
The Samsung Galaxy SIII is put through a torture test: cold, heat, drop, key scratching and water. It performs like a champ.

The Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy SIII is the popular Samsung smartphone paired with Straight Talk’s simple low cost mobile phone plan.

The SIII was introduced in May 2012 and was one of the best-selling smartphones that year.

The phone was subjected to five major torture tests.

The first test was cold temperature. It was placed in a freezer for two hours, during which the temperature was 24 degrees F. Afterwards, it was retrieved and tested. The condensation formed on it as it thawed out but the phone performed well. At first sluggish, it resumed its operations with no apparent damage.

The second trial was a heat treatment inside of a glass tank with a heat lamp. The phone was cooked at 190 degrees F for one hour and was so hot afterwards, that it had to sit at room temperature for ten minutes before testing. To the amazement of the tester, it turned on and worked.

The third test was the drop test, done three times from a standing position. The video camera was turned on to record the free fall. In the first two drops, the tester made sure the unit was angled such that the edge would make first contact with the floor rather than the flat side. This maximized the potential damage to the phone, since a smaller amount of surface area was receiving the impact.

The first fall caused the phone’s back cover to come off, with the battery falling out. This turned the phone off. It was reassembled and turned on. No cracks and no problems working.

It was dropped a second time. This time, the back cover stayed on and the phone stayed on. However, the video camera stopped recording.

In the third drop, the tester threw the phone up in the air, so that it would fall from a higher elevation. She imparted a spin to it so that it hit the floor with some rotational movement as well as linear movement. The back cover came off and the batter fell out, shutting the phone off.

But the phone was put back together and turned on with no problems. The back cover’s flexibility was noted as being an advantage, rather than a disadvantage, because it would not crack under stress. It passed with flying colors, so to speak.

The surprise test was a scratch session to simulate the rough environment phones must endure in pants pockets. Various keys were used to scratch the screen. The metal keys left minor scratches but no gouges or anything that would hamper the performance.

The fifth and final test was the fish tank. It was immersed for 20 seconds and then dried off with paper towels. During the drying process, the phone turned on and worked normally. However, this was unintentional. The phone was placed in a bag of desiccant for a few days to ensure that all moisture was sucked out of the phone.

A few days later, the tester checked the phone it failed to turn on. She blamed herself for turning the phone on while it was still wet.

So she took off the back cover, removed the battery and place the components back into the drying bag for four days to make sure all moisture was out of the phone.

This time, the phone turned on, much to the surprise of the tester. She declared the phone to be a torture test survivor.

The Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3 is an awesome combination of a great phone with a fantastic plan.

The national plan includes a 30-day service plan card to get you started and provides unlimited talk and unlimited text / MMS messages nationwide, unlimited data/mobile web access/email and unlimited calls to 411.

The international plan includes unlimited international calling to over 1,000 destinations in Canada, India, China and landlines in Mexico, and in other countries, plus 400 minutes to call cellular phones in Mexico.

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