Samsung: Extreme Sheep LED Art


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This 2-minute and 45-second video advertises Samsung flat-panel televisions with the new LED technology (circa 2009) using a novel platform: sheep.

In the hills of Wales, shepherds, Border Collie dogs and 300 sheep collaborated on a night-time display of visual artistry using Samsung LEDs. The prologue begins with some daytime footage of the sheep being herded around. Through special effects and speeded-up footage, we see a giant sheep, composed of the 300 sheep, walking across the hillside.

The video segues into evening, where the sheep are outfitted with a colorful array remote-controlled LEDs. Now the magic beings as the shepherds begin to orchestrate the movements. First, the sheep reproduce a simple pong video game – a ball bouncing between two paddles.

Next, the shepherds arrange the sheep in a crowded pen for a photo shoot. By moving the sheep around, different patterns can be photographed. The pieces are then assembled into a picture, the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Baa-Vinci. A very improbable feat.

The big moment comes when the sheep move around in a fireworks display. With Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture blasting in the background, a lone spark (dog) flies upward and explodes (sheep scattering). Several more explosions take place and the show ends with an elaborate pinwheel effect.

The video closes with the sheep forming the word “FIN”, the end.

It will not be a problem remembering this video – it is highly unusual. It features LEDs prominently – they are in fact, the stars of the show because they are the only things visible during most of the video. Whether the viewer remembers Samsung or not is debatable. The Samsung name does not show up until the very end.

Plus, the special effects blur the line between real and digitally-edited which is sure to be the topic of discussion and distract from the brand name.

Is the connection strong enough? Samsung is a well-known company and this video might be able to entrench the Samsung brand name in the minds of the public along with the video. But perhaps it would have been better to put the Samsung name in there more strongly than just a credit at the end.

Samsung: Extreme Sheep LED Art
Reviewed by

on January 27, 2013
Commercial showing a novel combination of LEDs mounted on moving sheep. Amusing and ornate patterns are created by herding the sheep in various directions.