Spike TV Star Wars Darth Vader


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This 30-second video advertises the Star Wars series on Spike TV.

Perhaps no other villain has dominated the popular culture since 1977 than Darth Vader. Powerful, menacing and distinctively-attired, he is everyone’s favorite person to hate.

This video signals humor in the opening seconds when a group of golfers are waiting for their fellow golfer to make the shot, apparently for money. The signature breathing sounds through the mask and helmet punctuate the quiet grassy scene.

Darth is lining up the shot and putts rather badly. But due to his ability to control objects remotely, he directs the ball into the cup, much to the anger of the others.

One of them objects vehemently, as he is fed up with the repeated success of Vader. He is silenced immediately by remote choking and he stumbles to the ground.

His partner pulls out a golf club and wields it menacingly, only to see Vader deploy his light saber, causing the golfers to freeze in their tracks.

A Star Wars-styled screen shows up with the words, “Competition can bring out a guy’s dark side”. A second screen displays the Star Wars logo and the Spike TV logo with the tagline, “There is much to be learned”.

This clever and amusing video juxtaposes Darth Vader with a golf game, a hilarious combination. It is sure to be remembered, since the idea of the infamous bad guy doing anything recreational is so out of character.

Spike TV Star Wars Darth Vader
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on May 2, 2013
Spike TV announces its upcoming presentation of Star Wars through a novel approach.