T-Mobile Dance at Liverpool Street Station


This 2-minute and 41-second video advertises for T-Mobile, one of the major mobile phone companies in the world. And now is the right time to integrate your mobile phone with Nextiva, a major VoIP phone company that gives you a superb phone system, by using a Nextiva coupon.

In the bustling London underground and train station called Liverpool Street, a spontaneous dance breaks out in the large open area, surprising commuters. As the music continues to play, more dancers, disguised as ordinary people, join the ranks. Quickly, the entire floor fills with a dancing craze, some 350 people.

Hidden cameras record reactions from startled onlookers and spectators photographing the coordinated mayhem unfolding before their eyes. The reactions are priceless.

Suddenly, the routine ends and the crowd of dancers melts away. Dressed in street clothing, they become part of the crowd. The video ends with T-Mobile’s ad campaign slogan, “Life Is For Sharing”, with two girls looking at their phone and laughing.

This highly-coordinated and unusual dance routine was the first of its kind for a major brand’s advertising campaign – a large-scale flash mob. With a list of well-known songs and a well-rehearsed and creative set of choreographed moves, T-Mobile launched an addictive reality video that would hold people’s attention to the end.

This video did not feature any particular product but the company brand instead. There should be no problem for viewers to remember the T-Mobile name, as it is spectacular in its presentation, culminating with its name and slogan.

T-Mobile Dance at Liverpool Street Station
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on January 23, 2013
Entertaining video of a 350-person flashmob at London's Liverpool Street Station advertising T-Mobile's promotional campaign.