T-Mobile: Royal Wedding


This 133-second video advertises T-Mobile’s campaign called “One’s Life Is For Sharing”. A RingCentral referral code is also for sharing when your associates need low-cost high-quality VoIP.

This video is a parody of what was then the upcoming royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. Released by T-Mobile a few weeks before the actual event.

The video is shot with a handheld feel, as if one were using a T-Mobile phone to videorecord the event. As the music plays to the seated attendees, two members of the wedding party walk down the aisle. Suddenly, the song “House of Love” by the rap boy band East 17 breaks out and the two men begin dancing.

They are followed by the minister and the rest of the wedding party, all of them dancing irreverently if not raucously, and many of them accurate lookalikes of their real life counterparts in the royal family. The crowd cheers them on.

The popular and well-recognized song and the well choreographed dance moves keep the viewer’s attention, especially when the groom and then the bride prance down the aisle. At the end, T-Mobile puts up its name and slogan, “One’s Life is for Sharing”.

Since the T-mobile brand name is nowhere displayed until the very end, it is possible that viewers could remember the video but not the product. It would be better make the T-Mobile brand more conspicuous. However, the uniqueness of this video could keep the T-Mobile brand connected to the hilarious video.

T-Mobile: Royal Wedding
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on January 23, 2013
Hilarious parody video of the royal wedding's processional. Instead of the rigid formal walk down the aisle, the wedding party, including the minister, dance in irreverent fashion. Lookalikes make the video work.