Why Use Video to Advertise?

When you have gone to watch a movie with friends or family, inevitably, you start discussing it afterwards. It is inescapable. Whether it was totally awesome or really bad, there is an insatiable desire to share one’s opinion about it. As you go over each scene, you have no problems remembering the particular scene. Your memories of each scene come flooding back.

The goal of an ad is to get you to use a service or buy a product. Print ads have been around since the invention of the printing press but even before then, handmade signs beckoned prospective customers.

With the invention of motion pictures, video has become the most effective way of capturing people’s attention.

Consider the movie theater. Movie theaters have not changed much in substance ever since their invention. People sit in a darkened room for up to three hours and watch a screen on which moving images are projected with accompanying sound. Three-D glasses, bigger screens, sharper images, more comfortable seats and a wider variety of food have enhanced the experience but the fundamental premise remains the same – the sights and sounds capture and hold people’s attention like nothing else.

Humans can be more visual than auditory or more auditory than visual. Video captures the attention of both kinds of people. As communication studies have shown, most of the communication is nonverbal. That means that we remember something more for how it was presented than what was actually presented. Video vastly improves presentation by essentially focusing the viewer using music, camera angles, focus, lighting, color and composition. In other words, video captivates a person with sight and sound, which audio-only or print cannot, thus explaining its popularity.

Think of it this way. When you are reading, you can have music or the radio going on in the background. When you are listening to a lecture, you can do some manual project like organizing stuff, cleaning or cooking.

But when you watch a video, there is no competition for the sight or sound. You might be able to do some simple tasks, but if it is an exciting video, you stop to watch.

That is what a good video does: it gets you stop what you are doing and watch and remember.